All Hope Abandon

by Devourer

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Deadbeat Studio between january 2011 and december 2012.


released January 7, 2013

All music written by Steinfaust. All lyrics written by Crocell except All Hope Abandon written by Dante Alighieri, Fires of Moloch written by John Milton and Magus of the Aeon of Lucifer written by Steinfaust. Cover artwork by Gustave Doré.



all rights reserved


Devourer Gävle, Sweden

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Track Name: Belial
Gnostic fire engulf me, grant me entrance to the flames
Ancient sand shed me from this skin, defiling soil mold me through lust and sin

Chanting forbidden words
To praise my unholy birth
I hail Belial!
Prince of our dying world

Expanding horizon, his kingdom shall come
Banish the false light from Helios formed
Open up my veins, presenting my blood
His earthly vessel I shall now become

The sunken temples hidden from us
Erects once again as the scorpion is called
The purest form of chaos from the first son shall fall
We are but her children - The Mother of All!
Track Name: All Hope Abandon
Through me you pass into the city of woe:
Through me you pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people lost for aye

Justice the founder of my fabric moved:
To rear me was the task of power divine,
Supremest wisdom, and primeval love

Supremest wisdom, and primeval love

Before me things create were none
Save things Eternal, and eternal I endure

All hope abandon ye who enter here

All hope abandon ye who enter here

Such characters in color dim I marked
Over a portal's lofty arch inscribed:
Whereat I thus: Master, these words import
Track Name: Cutting My Roots To Malkuth
Caught in a web of frustration - Caged in the flesh of mortality
Chained to their laws of creation - I swear defiance to the Demiurge

So close...but yet so far away
Turning inwards to implode, I must die to be reborn
No more bounds to the tree of life, I belong on the shadowy side
Secret knowledge of Qlippoth seeps through as I'm cutting my roots to Malkuth!

Growing beyond
Constantly shifting form

Always follow as the blind Sheppard leads
Mindless beings so useless, so naive
I have grown far beyond this existence
I swear allegiance to Thaumiel!

Track Name: Usher of Madness
Your deathlike eyes are starring into empty space
Demonic possession, a legion roams inside you now
Your own flesh hangs from your nails to replace emotional pain
There aren't no prayers to save your soul from infernal bounds

Turn into the usher of madness
No more than a vessel for darkness to prevail
Your own parish is doomed to unholy enslavement
As you are left helplessly insane

In the halls of the fiery serpent uncertainty awaits
A spiraling path that leads to abysmal torment

Lethal wounds releasing blood still you won't find peace from life
A catatonic prison is your destined path
A horrendous sight of withered whores who once shined in angels gold
Haunts your mind destroys your soul and cast you down into the void
From yourself there's no escape - From this fact your soul reshapes
The malignancy will feed upon yourself loathing pain
Emotionally torn apart hallucinations rules you now
Your nightmarish realm unleash itself upon the world

Usher of madness!
Usher of madness!
Usher of madness!
Usher of madness!
Track Name: Entity of Uncreation
A lone wanderer who drags a trail of death with him
Cold fire of solice, silently it burns within
Entity of uncreation, faceless bringer of the end
At dawn you see a sundown and it shall never rise again! Again! Again!

A world cleansed from the filth - chaos rides upon the storm
Time has ceased to exist - the prophesy is now fulfilled
Crowned in the darkness that surrounds him - he feasts his eyes on the dead
Snow buries their remains now - and the nothingness will spread!
Track Name: Casus Belli
Ravens came with the message of your impending doom
At the halls of creation the corruption unfolds
A stellar path of destruction from the herald that scorn
Their contempt nourish hatred for the light bringers war

March onwards to war leave nothing but death in your wake
Burn the angelic whores on the altar of ceremonial pyre
Plague and disease shall ravage the remaining creations
Purge the astral light and strike at the heart of existence

I beheld as it crumbled, everything fell apart
It was like failing contractions of an angst ridden heart
The aftermath of the battle speaks of abhorrent acts
But it will all be forgotten as our empire thrives
Track Name: Fires of Moloch
First Moloch, horrid King besmeared with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears
Though, for the noise of drums and timbrels loud
Their children's cries unheard that passed through fire

To his grim Idol

Fires of Moloch

Him the Ammonite worshipped in Rabba and her watery plain
In Argob and in Basan, to the stream of utmost Arnon
Nor content with such audacious neighborhood the wisest heart of Solomon
He led by fraud to build his temple right against the Temple of God

On that opprobrious hill
And made his Grove the pleasant Valley of Hinnom,
Tophet thence and black Gehenna called
The type of Hell
Track Name: Death's Grimoire
So many questions yet no answers to be found
Thee who read this conceived it as madness or lies
This work was not meant for the sight of mortal eyes
But for those who are able to see darkness in light

I drink the sordid water from the chalice of sin
I breath nocturnal fire I am the dragon's kin
Infused by the unholy essence, draconian blood course in my veins
The blackened shroud of immortality is now mine to possess!

False are thee who preach redemption cause there is none here to be found
You are no more than vermin to useless morals you are bound
I am a falling star spawned out of Death's grimoire
I leave my mark as wormwood which means the end of life!

Death's grimoire written in angelic blood!
Track Name: Magus of the Aeon of Lucifer
Thelema, Xeper, Deitus, I have willed to come into being as a god
This is the law of the Aeon of Lucifer, this is the law of the Aeon

By Thelema and by Xeper I have attained Deitus
I have spoken the word of the Aeon and become Magus of the Aeon of Lucifer
Dark Lord consecrate this work which I begin this night
Until I have become a god upon the earth
Sanctify me in the waters of the abyss that I may rise up
Reborn in the image of Satan and go forth into the world as a living demon in the flesh

Dark Lord, you have awakened me from death and given me life
As you have given me life, I dedicate this life to thy service

Receive my life as your own that we may become one in body, mind, and soul
Accept my life as a sacrifice to thy might and thy grandeur
To the glory of the infernal empire and to the majesty of the infernal king
He, who shall reign forever upon the earth

I shall pass through the abyss unharmed
Wearing a black halo and a diadem of blood upon my brow!
I shall ride upon a nightmare with hellhounds before me
Exalted by the glory of the Dark Lord, the king of all being